Over the last eleven years, I started my own business, got married, graduated three children from high school, lost my eldest child, and shuttered my business. Through it all, my passion for nursing home administration and elder care gave me the focus and fire that I needed to keep going.

When I decided to shutter my business early in 2022, I was able to look back with pride that despite suffering one of the worst losses a woman can suffer, I successfully continued to build my business for several years after. Now that I have freed myself to explore new opportunities, I am anxious to share what I’ve learned with the world.

I loved being Founder and CEO of Hands from Heaven, LLC, but now I want to be known for my successes on the speaking circuit. I want to use my platform to engage and inspire young girls, young women, and women of all ages, covering business, covering the healthcare industry specifically, and covering life. I want to do it all and now I feel more than prepared.

In moving on from my adult day care and home health care business, I completed work on my e-book/memoir entitled, The Purpose Behind It All. In it I spare no punches as I recount all the things that came to the surface over the last few years following my son’s death. After counseling, meditation, deep prayer, and time, I have finally found some healing and a new purpose in life.

My purpose is to share insights and wisdom that I hope help make the world a better place, give broken women and girls hope, and show a better way to those who are lost. Through my book, my speaking career, and whatever other professional opportunities come my way, I am on a mission to fulfill the promise I made to myself and to God knowing that when I set myself on a mission, I will get it done.

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