The 3 P’s Workbook



A step-by-step guide to finding, putting and keeping your Purpose at the core of your Life, Career and Business


Finding Purpose: Who Are You?

Tell me Who are you?

Now Follow what your deepest inner voice tells you — not what the world says –Not the “I must be an investment broker; I should be a consultant.” And not “I will do something good in the world, and then go ‘get just a job.’”

Now try to answer the question again? Tell me who you are?

You like, the company you work for and or your business has a purpose. The life you live, the one your work and or the business you want to create or created must reflect that purpose in you. It is not just a product, but all your drive, passion and energy at the forefront, every day.

“God had a plan for you before you were even born.” (Galatians 1:15)

Even right now, you did not arrive to this workbook by accident. God led you here, just as He will lead you on to other places when you leave here.

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The 3 P’s Workbook
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